Promoting your brand to Forklift related Industries

If you want to promote your brand, product and/or service to industries related to forklifts, Welcome. You are in the right place.

I understand that you want experienced advice, industry knowledge and reliable, flexible guidance from a reputable source at a good price.

I know that you don’t need hassles or ongoing work but really want to agree on a solution, agree the price and have me make sure it happens for you.


I can do that and help you to “… get Decision Makers to have your company in mind, when they discuss the solutions they need.”


My aim is to work with good people in a few visionary companies on an ongoing basis. To be a little more precise, I want to create solutions that work for smart, flexible decision makers who are building successful companies.


I know that we can get your brand and your unique products discussed in Boardrooms all around the world.

I am confident, because already provides access to the very widest cross section of decision makers, as well as to the end users in the industries that serve to create, maintain, deliver and use forklifts.

Effectively we have the ability to demonstrate the best of your products and services to manufacturing industries and to nearly all supply and consumption industries, internationally.

The main formula that I use is quite simple, and it does work.  I try to;

Explain the advantages and unique qualities of your product or service, and

Ensure that we develop a good reputation for your brand.


Because every time a new solution is needed the decision maker will seek advice from the technicians and users. If those technicians and users can describe the advantages and uniqueness of your solution and if they have a feeling for the quality of your brand, the decision is made and you have a new customer.

I know like the back of my hand and have been in Material handling Industries for 40 years.

I am a consultant and contractor to Forkliftaction. 


         Rodger 2013 

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In this website I highlight good promotions that others have done and lead you to opportunities that are coming soon. My focus is on resources that are available to manage your people and your business (many are free) and what works and what does not work when advertising and marketing to the Materials Handling Industries.


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